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Opinion: Are we a society of double standards?

Some time ago, before Ramadan, a disturbing and graphic video was making rounds on social media platforms. It is of a supposed thief who got beaten up severely, which later resulted in his death. The young man got beaten up by some vigilantes when he broke into their house. That is if I am to go by the information that circulated online.

I couldn't watch the video when I came across it. The incident is quite relatable to some extent. I did participate in many "sachey pursuits" when I was much younger. As a people, we tend to have so much against petty thievery happening around us and would severely punish the thieves. We would not hesitate to burn these supposed thieves alive even if minor items such as phones got stolen. Sometimes all it takes is suspicion to get an innocent person beaten up to death. Of course, I do not seek to excuse thieves; it is the essence of this opinionated banter in the first place.

The intolerance we have towards thievery and deceit at a home level within our society seems to stop at home. It is a common perception that our upbringing at home reflects how we interact with others in our communities. That could be true, more so considering none of us want their upbringing criticized. However, our home training values seem to be victims of a stillbirth. I say this because there is no home even if it subtly condones it out-rightly encourages the lies, deceit, and thievery our tagged "Public Servants" persists on as a means of living.

Yes, it is rude to call my supposed "fa Fulangol" liars and thieves yet, society's elders who are against us insulting them are also the ones who encourage us to speak the truth. Last I remember, my mates would tell me the truth hurts as much as waxing the nostril hairs does. In a panorama of inconsistency and lies, to be honest to oneself would perhaps be the ideal paracetamol to one's conscience.

Back to my initial reason for bantering, our hate for thieves is as inconsistent as our society. Yes, so many of us have been spilling venom at sex workers who somehow would get a COVID19 relief fund. We have been going at them so hard that at some point, we flaunt our moral superiority. But the double standard treatment of it all disgusts me.

Should you hate a pickpocket, then a burglar deserves to face your venom. That is in case the logical line of reasoning is to be followed.

So if a young man denied an avenue to employment had to steal to survive gets killed, how about those dillydallying with state coffers.

And the same goes for sex workers; they have customers, and there would be no sex worker without a sex patron. Our double standard should cease, and we should reflect on ourselves more. Instead of bashing sex workers, try to understand what led them to those life choices.

If you are sympathizing with the government and are not worried about the millions of Dalasis spent on tours, rallies, and party congresses while the average Gambian is on an empty stomach, maybe you are as immoral as the sex worker you so seem to put yourself above.

The Double Standard Should Cease!

Omar Bah

Editor's note:

Omar Bah writes for GunjurOnline from his base in Malaysia. Views expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of GunjurOnline. Got an opinion article for publication? send it to us at


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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