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Opinion: A Corruption Free Gambia: My Advise To The President

The African continent has bedevilled with a lot of corrupt acts that has crippled many efforts to pursue a holistic development agenda which will inure to the benefit of all of its people. Regardless, of the many challenges we face, I'm still of the firm conviction that there are some who still have good intentions to protect the public purse at all levels and to ensure that the needs of the people are met accordingly.

I had the opportunity to meet His Excellency Adama Barrow and in the course of our meeting I realized he is such a humble who is ready to listen to his people and to ensure that their very needs are met. I also realized that he has a lot of good intentions; but intentions are not enough to solve our many problems as a country.  I can only encourage the President to take necessary steps in his powers to ensure that his intentions are brought to fruition (by also urging on all the people under his jurisdiction to adopt best practices). 

Over the past few days there have been various allegations in relation to corrupt acts tied with the giving out of diplomatic passports given to both non-citizens and citizens.

I say this unequivocally, that the President cannot in anyway dissociate himself from any acts that are committed by his appointees under his leadership. It is in the same light that he will be praised if his appointees do the right thing it will be accorded to his name. Having known the President personally, I know he is a man with a good heart and good intentions. I am of the hopes that the President will strengthen the investigative and justice systems in the Gambia to ensure that the right things are done at all times and to ensure that all public workers are kept in check.

Mr President, I would further like to state that, the fight against Corruption should and must be on the top of your priorities as it has hindered a lot of progresses in the past. Moving forward, I hope you will make all commitments to reduce various corrupt acts to the barest minimum especially in the public sector. 

Gambians deserve a corruption free government and I am positive H. E. Adama Barrow will lead us to that Promise Land.

Long Live The Gambia.

Ansumana Bojang with President Barrow
Ansumana Bojang with President Barrow

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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