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Operation “Go Green” Tree Planting Exercise ends in Gunjur

A massive tree planting exercise has ended in Gunjur on Saturday. The event which was organised by the Gunjur Youth Movement was attended by the Honourable Minister of Environment, Lamin Dibba, sister organisations and volunteers.

The tree planting campaign was designed to serve as a method of disseminating the message regarding the importance of planting trees in the easiest way through environmental groups in our various communities. The tree planting exercise aims to provide a healthy and a happy environment that trees provide for fresh clean air free from pollutants.

Speaking to GunjurOnline, Sulayman Bojang who coordinates the planting exercise revealed: “The purpose of this year summer go green campaign was to educate young volunteers i.e: school children to play their roles in developing a better society through plantation activities. Children are considered the future of this nation therefore the campaign aimed to target school going children to inculcate environment saving skills into them by involving them in such beneficial activities like planting a tree to protect our environment”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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