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Open Letter to President Adama Barrow - Saikou Camara

Open Letter to President Adama Barrow : By Saikou Camara

Open Letter to President Adama Barrow by Saikou Camara

Dear President Barrow,

This is my first open letter to you as the President of the republic of The Gambia and I hope I won’t have to write similar letters concerning you ever again. I have shared similar letters with President Jammeh and I received death threats from his NIA and supporters. If I was politically matured enough during President Jawara’s presidency I would have shared similar cautionary statements with him. My message to you I’ll keep it simple. Leave The Gambian people before The Gambian people leaves you. I’m not saying this because I suspect you to be a bad leader, instead I want you and your legacy to be remembered for not only doing the right thing, but also doing things right.

1. The same people who cried and begged President Jawara on their knees at Mansa Konko in 1992 were the same people who went to President Jammeh at state house in 1996 crying and begging him to stay in power.

2. The technocrats who used to draft policies and enabling Jammeh were at the Janneh Commission your government set up snitching on him, including Edward Singhateh, and some of them are serving under your administration.

3. The service men who used to commit atrocities on Jammeh’s behave are now at TRRC swearing that they were innocent young men following Jammeh and his culprits commands.

4. The populace who used to welcome Jammeh all across the country were the same people who lined up for you from the airport to your residence at the hotel to welcome you back into the country after the 2016 impasse.

5. The musicians who used to composed melodic songs for Jammeh are now praise singing your name.

I’m not mentioning this brief history to say Gambians are bad people. I’m only trying to caution you. The Gambian people will support their president. They will be loyal to them. And they may even make their president feels like an immortal. But they will one day turn their backs on you if you overstayed your time. Serve our people with dignity and honor and leave before the people leaves you. Leave and let them cry and beg for you to stay. And I’m here to submit to you that some will in fact cry and beg for you to stay, but like Mandela did to South Africa, leave regardless. When that time comes run and leave Mr. President.

I’m not saying this out of envy or malice towards you and your government. If you find my writing offensive in any shape or form, blame it on my unskilled delivery and not my heart. I wish you the best for the rest of your term in office. May your fate not be similar to that of your predecessors.

Affably Yours


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