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Op-Ed: Gunjur Ward Councillor Gibba writes to Presidential Advisers


Marina Parade,

The Quadrangle,


25th May,2021

Dear Sir,


" The whole of Gunjur Dabanani is still in mourning " this is the message that I would like you to convey to the President Adama Barrow as he prepares to visit the Gunjur Sacred Mosque (Kenye- kenye Jamengo). GUNJUR Dabanani is purely a religious and traditional community with strict Islamic values ruling this society since the time of our great forefathers. Mr. Adviser, I can frankly tell you that " Nobody will come to Gunjur and have his prayers answered while the people of Gunjur remain angry and bitterly disappointed as a result of your government's failure to give us justice over the gruesome murder of Buba Jammeh.

Hon Dembo and Co-Advisers, Gunjur wants the Président and his government to tell us _ WHO FREED BUBA DRAMMEH FROM MILE 2 ???? We shall never ever forget that fateful day when Buba Jammeh was murdered by Buba Drammeh. All the eight kabilos nearly declared a full fledge assault on Berending, but thanks to our leaders and the Islamic scholars, a potential Genocide was averted. Mr. Président, we want Justice for Buba Jammeh......WHERE IS THE KILLER - BUBA DRAMMEH ??? WHO ORDERED THE RELEASE OF BUBA DRAMMEH FROM MILE 2 CENTEAL PRISON ??? . Without answers to these questions , Gunjur will not and Shall not listen to you or your government.

Buba Drammeh, alledged killer of Buba Jammeh miraculously escaped from Mile 2 prisions and still at large

GUNJUR Dabanani has been crying for Justice far too long now, and your government is still mute over the release of Buba Drammeh. Our land issues are not solved, Robbery and Crime rate has increased in Gunjur, there is not a single development intervention of your government in Gunjur and at the same time, the killer of our beloved brother is freed from mile 2, Yet you think Gunjur will pray for your re-election. Even our great Ancestors have frowned at your government. Believe it or not ,Gunjur is a Sacred Community and anyone who inflicts pain and suffering to her people will certainly face the wrath and the consequences.

Our hearts are still bleeding....

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

In the service of our people,

I remain,

Respectfully yours

Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba

Councilor Gunjur Ward.

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