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NPP firebrand politician Ahmad Gitteh announces BAC Chairmanship ambition

Ahmad Gitteh, a leading member and founder of the ruling National Peoples Party (NPP) has today officially announced that we will be running for the seat of the Chairman of the Brikama Area Council.

Mr Gitteh revealed his plans in a Facebook Live broadcast to his thousands of followers.

Ahmad Gitteh announcing his BAC Chairmanship ambitions during a Facebook Live event earlier today

Mr Gitteh was unequivocal in stating that he intend to run under the NPP ticket and hopes that the party select committee chooses him as the front runner for the BAC top job.

Sheriffo Sonko who is also a leading member of NPP currently occupies the BAC Chairmanship and it remains to be seen if Sheriffo will pave way for the Canada based politician as NPP candidate in 2023.

Mr Gitteh, who is currently in The Gambia has revealed that plans are in high gear for his campaign and mobilisation to ensure he wins the candidature and election as BAC Chairman.

Revaealing the reason he chose to return to Gambia to vye for the BAC Chairmanship over a $6200 Canadian monthly salary, Mr Gitteh said he wants to be remembered as someone who returned home to help build a country that generations yet unborn could positively benefit from as a country.

Countuning on, Gitteh said Canada, United Kingdom, USA, China and many other developed countries around the World were built by those countries’ vibrant, educated young men and women and that Gambians should do the same and not wait until they are retired from working for the UN and other foreign establishments and counties before returning home.

Mr Gitteh called on his followers especially those form the West Coast to rally behind him and catapult him to the top seat, promising to make the region which is so rich in resources the best in the country. He also promises to tackle environmental issues that continue to plague the region by ensuring companies operating in the region are responsible and comply with relevant laws.

Gambians will return to the polls in 2023 to vote in the Chairmanship elections across the six regions of the country to manage local resources for the benefit of the regions.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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