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New information website, CovidGambia.org launched

A new website called Covid Gambia has been launched in The Gambia to provide information and regular updates about the Coronavirus in The Gambia.

The website which can be accessed at www.covidgambia.org was launched by Gambian IT Professionals and entrepreneurs Annas Bah and Modou NS Njie.

The website which went live on 23rd March aims to provide latest information and updates about the Covid-19 pandemic as well as raise funds to support The Gambia during the cause of these unprecedented times for the tiny improvised nation.

Introducing the website and what inspired the decision to develop and launch this information portal, the founders had this to say:

“Annas Bah Founder of EvoSoft (IT and Telecoms) & CEO of AishaMarie Group (Investment Group) working with Modou NS Njie founder of NWeb Plus (Website Design & Development Agency) and Farmfresh (Aggrotech). We are not doctors but engineers and professionals in IT. After discussing about COVID-19 pandemic we decided to set up this website to share information with Gambians and Diaspora Gambians about latest advice/ information and to raise funds to support The Gambia during this trying time. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization).”

You can access the new Gambia Covid-19 information website and join their efforts to support The Gambia in the fight against the deadly virus by following the link below:


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