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My experience in isolation after testing positive with Covid-19 - Zainab Janneh

My family have been very careful not to come in contact with corona virus. We always wash our hands, socialize less and even agreed not to attend the Eid- ul Adha prayers this year. Although my parents took both vaccines, this strange virus managed to enter our home, God knows how. When my mum and I tested positive, I had to stay in my room every day. I’ve learnt that isolation isn’t fun at all.

I was naive to think that it would be fun because I could stay inside all day but I was wrong. Soon it started to get boring and lonely. I tried to find things to do but there wasn’t anything. When I went down to get food, I had to wear a mask in my own house. The funny thing was when my sisters would run away from me and make me feel like an outcast. They would make fun of me and called me names not knowing that they were also infected. Sometimes I had to wipe everything I touched and had to wash everything I wore even if they weren’t dirty. I also had to wash the towels that I used.

My little sister had to sleep in another room which made me lonelier. One person that made me happy was my dad. He made me feel like nothing was wrong. At the end of the day, he would clean everything and sanitise everything. He even had to sleep downstairs in the living room because my mum got it too. It was weird because I didn’t have any symptoms but still had the Corona virus. What surprised me was that even as a high risk person and someone with a poor immune system, my dad didn’t get it thank, God for that. Isolation was really lonely but I learnt to appreciate what I had and to not take it for granted.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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