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Light and the end of tunnel as IGP assures Gunjur Police a service vehicle

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has assured Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba that action will be taken to ensure that the issue of lack of a service vehicle at the Gunjur Police is resolved.

The immobilised police service vehicle at Gunjur Police post

Hon. Gibba, Ward councillor for Gunjur had earlier written an open letter to the IGP expressing concern about the lack of a patrol/service vehicle at Gunjur Police amid increase in organised crime in the area.

Confirming the news of the positive action taken by the IGP, Councillor Gibba told GunjurOnline:

“ I express my sincere appreciation to the IGP - MAMOUR JOBE for inviting me at his office to establish contact and to shed light into the Vehicle issue of Gunjur Police Station. I have been received well and i feel very much honoured for according me this opportunity to discuss with the IGP.”

On the issue of service vehicle for Gunjur police post, it was revealed that both Sifoe and Sanyang police posts have similar issues and these will all be addressed.

Consequently, Hon. Gibba emphasised the need for these police posts to be provided with service vehicles due to increase in the number of people in these areas due to fish landing sites.

His words:

“Considering the growing activities at these fish landing sites which are attracting a huge influx of undocumented  foreigners, it is very important to provide all these stations with service vehicles so as to effectively and efficiently carry out their duties.

The Gunjur Ward councillor concluded with an appeal to people in the area. He said: I appeal to everyone to remain calm and be law abiding. I also appeal to everyone in the community to be a civil police and be ready to share intelligence information with the police. With the cooperation and collaboration of everyone especially Commercially Drivers, we could reduce thefts and other organized crimes. Today, it is Baboucar Manjang who is burglarized but who knows their next target ?. Therefore, I am soliciting the cooperation of everyone to help in the information sharing with the police. Let us see the police as our partners in combatting theft and crimes, and Not as opponents. Once again, I must reiterate my sincere appreciation and thanks to IGP MAMOUR JOBE for being quickly responsive to our situation, and I hope everything goes well as promised. “

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