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Kombo South Youth MP Hon. Omar A. Manjang expresses concern over Fishmeal factories, others

The First Ordinary Session of the 9th Youth Parliament for 2023 got underway this week at the National Assembly Chambers where the Green Recovery focused National Development Plan 2023 -2027 and Women in leadership items were discussed.

Hon. Omar A. Manjang spoke on wide range of issues affecting the coastal settlements of Kombo South from environment to Fishmeal factories and the impact of juvenile fishing on economic development of his consecuency, and the menance of the current surge of irregular youth migration using fishing boats to travel to mainland Europe in search of pastures greener. 

National Youth Parliamentarian for Kombo South, Hon. Omar A. Manjang

Speaking at the National Assembly Chambers, the Kombo South Youth MP who is also Chairman of the Standing Commitee on Environment laments the unregulated fishing practices in the region through juvenile fishing. This has resulted in the diminishing of fish as fisherfolks now struggle for meaningful catches when they go out to fishing. The region used to supply the entire country with fish, this is now not possible as a result of the proliferation of fishmeal factories and juvenile fishing. 

Furthermore, due to lack of sufficient catches, some fishermen have now turned their attention to ferrying illegal migrants from the country via the coastal settlements to Mainland Europe as they can no longer depend of fishing for sustenance. This has now turned these fishing centres as seaports for transporting migrants to Spain, Hom. Manjang charged.

Some fishermen are now ferrying illegal migrants to Spain due to lack of fish catches

On the impact of agricultural production, Hon. Manjang highlighted the increase of the activities of Real Estate companies in the region on this very vital productive sector by turning farmlands into residential lands. 

Speaking further on sports in the region, Hon. Manjang highlighted the both Gunjur and Sanyang produced divisional teams the the football leagues but the only major football field in Gunjur that was suooosed to be built by Gambia Football Federation ‘GFF’ is still in “limbo”. Consequently, Gunjur and Sanyang are not having to play their games in Brikama due to lack of a suitable football field in Kombo South.

The Kombo South Youth Parliamentarian concluded by calling on the government to revitalise the vital productive sectors of the region as contained in the National Green Recovery Plan to encourage the youths of the region and country-wide to remain in the country to participate in full economic development of the country.


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