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In Honourable Momodou Charreh Gibba, Gunjur has it right

Dr Nyanbi Touray, I agree with you. In Momodou Charreh Gibba, Gunjur has it right. We know him. We know he is different from any Councillor Gunjur had.

Momodou Charreh Gibba seeks a second term as Gunjur Ward councillor

He is sober, details oriented, and he proved his competence at a time of Gunjur's challenges. He shrewdly allows his reputation and competence speaks for itself to keep his critics at bay.

He had wooed and cajoled Gunjur together. Munch as he is called, is a peace maker but deeply human. Despite political differences, he respect everyone.

Above all, Honourable Momodou Charreh Gibba has a supreme good will to unite and develop Gunjur. It is an incontestable fact that he never shied from his duties as Councillor.

At his core, he is about making respect great again - building bridges to other, catalysing the best in people because that is what Gunjur demands.

In agreement with Dr Nyanbi Touray, Honourable Momodou Charreh Gibba is the right person to lead Gunjur towards more hopeful days.

I therefore, support wholeheartedly Momodou Charreh Gibba for ward Councillor in Gunjur

Ebrima Scattred Janneh(EB)


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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