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Hamat Bah ‘heartbroken’ by dilapidated Makasutu

Tourism minister, Hamat Bah, has expressed concern about the ‘dilapidated’ state of Makasutu eco-tourism reserve.

The beautiful Makasutu

The controversial minister’s thoughts were conveyed in a report by The Point newspaper who covered his familiarization tour of tourism facilities.

His words: ”Makasutu has won so many international recognition, prizes and awards. It is a unique project in Africa but to see it dilapidated is a blow in our hearts. To be honest, this place should never be like this. It is very disappointing. This place is extremely good but its present condition is very bad for our tourism.

Something needs to be done because we cannot let this place dilapidate, we will not, because it is part of the qualities we are expecting and the name and brand of the place cannot be left to go down. I want this place back to its glory days. Really, we want to talk to them (the management) that can make decision on over this place, we want to talk to him (proprietor) to know how prepared he is. What need to be done and see how to move forward because this place cannot be grounded; it is not possible”.

Gambia Tourism minister, Hamat Bah at Makasutu


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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