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Gunjur Ward Councillor Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba Writes to West Coast Region Councillors

To: All Councillors Brikama Area Council Brikama 19th April, 2020

Dear Colleagues,


I wish to draw the attention of my fellow councillors and the tax payers in West coast Region that the issue of the famous CITY SENZE is coming back to Brikama Area Council. If you can remember, CITY SENZE is the company that wanted to do business with BAC by providing us with CCTV cameras, WiFi and Solar Street lights at a staggering sum of over 20 million per annum. This issue attracted s fierce debate in and out of council until the west coast youths attempted to occupy BAC.

The same company changed their name and strategy from City senze to Z ENERGY but with the same contact persons around the state house. Under the new name of Z ENERGY, they want a contract from BAC to beautify the SUKUTA/JAMBANJELLY highway with Solar Street lights to a tune of thirteen million , one hundred and sixty three thousand five hundred dalasis (D13,163,500 ) per annum. Honourable councillors, I would like to remind the whole council that we have a Strategic Development Plan which has captured and covered all the Development priorities of west coast Region. Some of our priorities as highlighted by our Strategic development plan are ; access roads, congested markets, waste management, clean Drinking water, poor health facilities, youth empowerment , women empowerment etc etc. This is the development plan that is designed to serve the aspirations of the people of west coast.

Hon. Colleagues, BAC has a budget that we should follow and limit ourselves to. Our line ministry, upon approving our 2020 Budget, has emphasized the need to spend judiciously according to the Budget. We should know whether the beautification of the Sukuta/Jambanjelly is in our priority list. We should also know wether our 2020 Budget has catered for Street Lightening.

My Honourable colleagues, Street Lightening is not in our priority list, and our Budget has no allocation to source this project at a tune of Thirteen Million one hundred and sixty three thousand five hundred (D13,163,500.) I think we should strictly focus on our development plan as well as the Budget line. We should make sure that the projects captured in the Budget be implented . We should not allow companies to impose their contracts on us. We should even open up to invite TENDERS. We have a responsibility to protect and judiciously spend the Revenue from the poor tax payers.

Hon councillors, this is a challenge for all of us , and it is time we do the right thing regardless of where it comes from. I thank you all for your attention, and in the service of our people _ I remain your colleague.

Sincerely yours

Hon Momodou charreh Gibba Councillors Gunjur Ward


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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