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Gunjur school in dire state, as councilor defends embattled MP

By Sainey Darboe, Editor-in-chief:

Despite the conspicuous absence of elected representatives in the fight against environmental destruction in Gunjur and decaying state of the local infrastructure, notably the Gunjur primary school as can be seen in these photos, local councillor Momodou Jibba insists the embattled Kombo South MP remains committed to the community.

State of girls toilet at Gunjur Lower Basic School

Councillor Jibba continues to shield embattled MP from harsh glare despite crumbling public infrastructure at the Gunjur primary school where it began for many people from Gunjur and the immediate environment.

“I think that it is worth noting that the Hon. MP is on top of issues and very much connected and committed to the plight of his people”.

The local politician who is close to the MP enumerated the contributions of the majority leader which seemed to be aimed at garnering the support of youths as 2021 elections edged ever closer.

He added: It is gratifying to note that it was a hundred and fifteen dalasis disbursed and shared among the youths of Kombo south towards their sports development. This was only one part of the contributions to give back to the youths”.

But Gunjur native and artist Lily Boy Sanyang who visited the local primary school today expressed shock at the level of neglect and infrastructural rot.

“I visited Gunjur lower basic school earlier today with my team. Their current situation definitely calls for help. I am planning to organize a show for them and the money we have will be going back to them. We will use that money to make some tables and chairs for them. We want to involve everybody. Let’s do this for kids in Gunjur”.

The dire state of facilities at Gunjur school shows a lack of priorities from policy makers and those given the task of providing the requisite facilities and conducive learning facilities for our children. The ministry of Education must immediately look into why this school is in such a terrible state.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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