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Gunjur registers 4 Covid-19 cases as national figures edge closer to 2K

COVID-19: Gunjur registers 4 confirmed cases as national figures edge closer to two thousand cases, with Banjul registering 185 cases.

Gunjur: The sprawling coastal town has register 4 cases of Covid-19

The 120th Situation Report of the Ministry of Health has revealed four confirmed cases of coronavirus in Gunjur. Crucially, there could be a significant delay in receiving test results when Covid-19 tests are carried out, according to the Situation Report. Consequently, the number of positive cases in Gunjur could be higher than reported, as well as national figures of 1872. 

Our conservative estimate is that over 2000 people could be carrying the virus in the country as estimates show test results are taking over a week to be confirmed and a further two days for the results to be collated and published.

Map showing number of infections and settlements - Source: Ministry of Health)

In essence, the Ministry of Health’s Situation Reports could be potentially 10 days out of date. Given the recent surge in positive cases, a considerable number of people in The Gambia are believed to be carrying the virus. This makes it all the more important to follow the Ministry of Health and WHO guidance on how to stop the spread of the virus by washing hands regularly, wearing face masks and observing social distancing rules, as well as adhering to government restrictions in place to curtail the spread of the coronavirus in the Gambia.

According to Situation Report 120, there are 1408 active cases of Covid-19 with 183 new cases and 63 confirmed deaths.

The report also indicated that 462 tests were carried out. Of concern is the positive rate of 40% of the tests carried out which is probably the worst mortality rate anywhere in the World, according to Scientist Ahmed Manjang.

Gambia Covid-19 case update - Source: Ministry of Health

According to Mr Manjang, the upward trend of the death rate of 3.4% should be a worry for everyone, given that only those with symptoms or in hospitals are being tested. There could be a significant number of asymtomatic cases who are not being tested as they have not shown any symptoms or have not visited clinics or hospital for other health issues.

Mr Manjang warned that the country is “in for a far bigger trouble than we are making up, the government needs to come up with more drastic measures to curb the spread.”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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