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Gunjur Police in dire strait as the single police vehicle is immobilised

Gunjur Police station is in dire strait as the only police vehicle allocated to this station is immobilised and gathering dust as the rate of crime increases in the sprawling coastal town.

Gunjur Police patrol vehicle needs D90K to get back on the road

As the population of Gunjur and satellite settlements continue to grow due to a vibrant fish landing site which attracts people from across the sub-region, the local police station is without a single functioning vehicle to help tackle the growing domestic crime in the area. Concerned about the scandalous situation of the local police post, Ward Councillor Hon. Momodou Charreh Jibba raises revealed in an open letter to the Inspector General of Police. His words: “

I wish to draw your urgent attention to the situation at the Gunjur Police station. Gunjur Police are covering a community that is rapidly growing as a direct result of the activities at the fish landing site. The Gunjur Police are doing a great job but their work is hampered by a lack of service vehicle. Their pick-up vehicle is not usable unless over ninety thousand dalasis (D90,000) is spent to fix the broken engine. With a high rate of theft cases and organized crimes, Gunjur police could not efficiently deal with the situation without a good vehicle. On behalf of Gunjur, I appeal to you for an urgent intervention. The lack of a service vehicle is causing a huge burden on the community especially the victims of crime. Gunjur fish landing site is another volatile entry point into the country without a proper immigration surveillance. “ The urgent call from the councillor comes on the hills of recent burglaries and theft cases in Gunjur where one of the victims lost in excess of three hundred thousand Dalasis with of goods stolen from his house.

Buttressing the need for urgent action to be taken to address the patrol vehicle situation of the Gunjur Police station given the tax revenue Gunjur contributes to the national coffers, councillor Jibba continued: “ government of the Gambia owes the tax payers of Gunjur a huge responsibility including an effective and efficient police coverage. Security of a nation as well as our community is paramount, therefore I seek your indulgence and understanding to consider the plight of our police station”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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