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Gunjur-Marlborough link founder raises D1M to help poor amid covid-19 pandemic

By Sainey Darboe:

The people of Gunjur and other localities affected by the state of emergency imposed by The Gambia government as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic stand to benefit from a million Dalasi aid, according people in charge of distribution of relief for the needy in the coastal town.

According to organisers, the assistance was made possible thanks to the founder of Gunjur-Marlborough link Dr Nick Maurice and friends of the people of Gunjur in collaboration with the Marlborough Brandt Group (MBG) and SJP in Cirencester, United Kingdom.

Dr Nick Maurice, founder of Gunjur-Marlborough link
Dr Nick Maurice, founder of Gunjur-Marlborough link

GunjurOnline understands that the friends of the people of Gunjur joint effort raised a whopping twenty thousand pounds (over one million Dalasis) for Gunjur to help prevent or reduce potential hardship on the vulnerable members of the community as a result of the virus outbreak. According to competent sources close to the relief efforts, funds are sent to TARUD, an NGO set up by MBG operating in Gunjur. £10,000 was remitted about 10 days ago and the second tranche of £10,000 was transferred on Friday 24th April.

“The people of Gunjur are profoundly grateful to Dr Nick and everyone who contributed to this cause”, said a concerned native of Gunjur. Funds are trickling into Gunjur and other villages and towns across the Gambia from individuals, institutions and government as covid-19 continue to cause global economic worries.

Effective management of these funds will no doubt be needed to help the beneficiaries weather the Covid-19 storm.

In garnering support from the friends of the people of Gunjur, Dr Nick Maurice issued this appeal:

“More than 80% of Gambian staple food (Rice) is imported from Pakistan, America, Thailand, India, Japan and other countries hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Farm activities are hindered and rice production in these countries is at stake. We might reach a stage where available food in these countries will only be for their countries and we will be secondary. Food reserves in the Gambia are sufficient for not more than 6 months or even less. This situation may plunge the country into hunger and chaos in search of survival options. When will production resume in the supplying countries until they have enough for exports to the Gambia?

I am concerned that a 6 months household food security/availability is key and an immediate priority for especially the very poor families in Gunjur."


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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