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Gun threat on the life of environmental activist Ahmed Manjang

As the December 4th presidential election edges ever closer, tensions are rising as the stakes get higher. GunjurOnline is gravely concerned about a threat of gunning down Biomedical Scientist and environmental activist, Ahmed Manjang.

Ahmed Manjnag who anchors environmental and health shows on GunjurOnline TV came under increasing criticism following Gambian President Adama Barrow’s visit to the sacred mosque at Gunjur beach on May 28th 2021.

Manjang, who is an active campaigner of Environmental protection in Gunjur and Kombo as a whole including the continuous operation of Golden Lead on the shores of Gunjur was one of the speakers during the president’s visit in Gunjur. Given the microphone, Ahmed Manjang asked for the Intervention of the executive in ensuring the official return of the Gunjur beach Mosque and complex to the people of Gunjur so that the community can take ownership in order to be able to carry out development projects at the site such as building a Science and Technology institution at the complex, among other things. Mr Manjang also appealed for support from the executive for the upkeep of the mosque facility.

President Barrow performed Friday Prayers at the Gunjur beach mosque on 28th May 2021

Consequently, Mr Manjang came under heavy criticism mainly from what he sees as supporters of opposition party UDP for not mentioning to the President of the escape from Mile Two Prisons of Buba Drammeh who shot and killed Buba Jammeh over a land dispute, or the menance of Golden Lead in Gunjur during a face to face at the mosque when the President perfomed Jummah prayers there, which is a few hundred meters away. Mr Manjang responded to these critisms saying he could not have spoken to the President about Golden Lead when him and his fellow environmental activists have an active injuction case against the company at the courts.

However, one Lamin Touray took matters to another level responding to a Facebook post which was critical of Ahmed Manjang’s failure to mention Buba Jammeh’s killers prison escape to the President, saying: “ You nailed down my brother, the fucking so call activists zipped their mouth don’t asked those legitimate questions rather asking unless question. We need to buy GUN and gun down those wicked and heartless people’s and think the time is up for that action.”

A Facebook user Lamin Touray calls for the gunning down of what he refers to as socalled activists

Responding to the gun threat from the said Lamin Touray, Ahmed told GunjurOnline that he is taking the direct threat from Lamin Touray very seriously, saying that the said Lamin Touray has been very threatening to him and trolls any posts about him on social media making abusive and threatening comments about his person.

Posting on his Facebook wall, Manjang said:

“My fellow environmental activists around Kombo South be warned, the threat coming from some of these UDP supporters is becoming louder and chilling by the day and we have to give them the attention they deserve. Mr Touray and Mr Darboe our sustenance and protection are with Allah not with any of you. We are taking your threats very seriously but we are not intimidated but that will not stop us from taking the necessary precautions. We shall continue to fight what we think is for the common good not what you want.”

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