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GMC West Coast Regional Chairman resigns, endorses Yanks Darboe and joins UDP with immediate effect

Breaking News: GMC West Coast Regional Chairman Resigns, endorses Yanks Darboe and joins UDP with immediate effect

As the fallout within the GMC festers amid Mayoral and Chairmanship endorsements, GMC West Coast Regional Chairman Ebrima Bojang has resigned from the party, backs UDP’s Yanks Darboe and crossed carpeted to UDP with immediate effect, according to a press release sent to Gunjuronline.

Below, we reproduce verbatim, a press statement from Ebrima Bojang.

Press Release

I'm writing in response to statements made by Mai Ahmed Fatty.

Sometimes ago, Mai singlehandedly endorsed the NPP candidate in URR without consulting the national executive; not even his deputy party leader.

I have served this party to the best of my ability which every GMC member can attest to, so hearing the kind of reaction he just published shows the whole world the type of leader he is.

I now clearly understood today that GMC is Mai’s personal property and not what he claimed it to be.

After my declaration that GMC West Coast Region has endorsed Yankuba Darboe’s candidacy, a good number of GMC militants reached out to me expressing their endorsement and appreciation regarding the decision I took openly for the greater good of the people of West Coast Region. The decision was taken after broad consultation and finalized as the desire of the legitimate majority.

Let me reiterate my position which is of course the position of the majority of GMC West Coast members that nothing has changed as far as my utterances at the Brikama SSP UDP Rally are concerned.

I call on all GMC West Coast Region members to go out and vote massively for Yanks Darboe as agreed.

Finally, I have decided to resign from GMC and move to the United Democratic Party with immediate effect.

I wish to thank everyone who was part of my GMC journey.

Ebrima Bojang

Former GMC Regional Chairman ,

West Coast Region and national executive member


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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