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Former police prosecutor laments GPU hypocrisy in assault of journalist

By Sainey Darboe:

A prosecutor of The Gambia Police Force, Almammy James Manga, has raised questions about the silence of The Gambia Press Union in the wake of assault on a journalist by its president Sheriff Junior Bojang.

Writing on his Facebook page, he enquired with a tinge of disbelief:

“So it’s only members of the security sector (i.e the Police) that usually get attacked, insulted and called all sorts of names when an altercation ensues between them and the press?”

Firming up charges a stronger reaction would have been made by GPU had the assault being made by a member of the security forces,he added:

“I am wondering what lenses we use to address issues. They would have flooded the offices of our services”.

Also weighing in on the debate, US-based Gambian medical doctor, Muhammed Teks Tekanyi observes:

“There's nothing that can save his face other than a resignation as they always claim for others particularly the security services that have become toys under their eyes. For the position comes with responsibility which makes his actions unmodifiable, nor do I expect any well meaning journalist beating about the bush regarding it. And as I always say, we are unfortunate to have more join-the-lists than professional journalists that practise with the highest degree of impartiality”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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