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It is quite a fact that the mother of civilization is mother Africa. We can boast of our youthful population like no other continent can do. It is common knowledge that a significant amount of the world resources is in the fertile soil of Africa. Guess what! Africa with all it's endowment, is backward in many development indicators; poverty-striking, internal disputes and induced hatred to self and those that look like them. who thought us to hate ourselves? a rhetoric usually asked by Malcom X. What an irony?

In Africa, institutions are built and at times with good infrastructures but usually that’s it. People’s problems are not solved just because they don’t know or have some one in that office. Sound scientific judgements are compromised because of social connections and relations. Bear a certain surname or identity tends to be a very important criteria to be valued or otherwise. Bearing surname X make some more human, more deserving of respect in the society than bearing surname Y regardless of their attitude or values they represent. In this vein, people are employed, elected or nominated to portfolios they deserved not. The problem seems to be known to all.

Nations progress and developed not by merely talking and throwing foul words to each but development comes when people are ready and willing to roll-off their sleeve and dirty their hands and tackle pressing issues. Our actions should be more than the talking. Good will over hatred and bitterness to others seemingly different from you by tribe, creed or cultural differences. Coalition over division and partitions in every sense of the word.

Hang on dear, didn’t you realise that when the west wanted to destroyed and crippled Africa they convened in Berlin only to come up with an effective way of putting Africa down and defeated for good called the ‘partition of Africa’. This is the handiwork of four teen nations of the west coming together to create a Pandora-box for us.

It problem is quite a complicated one. However, a sit is said a problem known is half solved’. They used division to create our problem, therefore the opposite becomes our solution. Mr Politician are you ready for this challenge. Africans are we ready for unification? We need an empire that is called Africa and its subjects be called Africans; one nation, one people, one currency and one system. I remember his saying ‘it always seems impossible until it is done’ Nelson Mandela.

Who said that systems cannot change even if they didn’t work for you? Lets uproot the colonialist ideas and system that wouldn’t let us grow. It is said that there is no European solution to African problems.

Arise Africa, reclaim your greatness and originality. Put an end to the imperialism, assimilation and threading ways that are not necessary working for you. Converts our youths to resources, let us be educated and not merely be certificated. Bridge the gap between theory and practical, ideal and realism. Reclaim your greatness mother Africa; once great is always great.

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