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Feature | A Sincere Letter To my Future Daughter

Written by Zainab Faal:

A Sincere Letter To my Future Daughter

Happy International Women's Day!

Dear Future Daughter,

I write to you from the deepest most durable part of my being— a part of me that only a parent feels, understand and can speak of. I know you’re eager to come into this world, oblivious of all that exists here yet excited to become a part of this world. I’m nervous, yet my heart brims with joy at the prospect of your coming. I will welcome you with warm and loving arms, shower you with enduring love, and protect you with all my strength. I look forward to the joy, fulfilment, and friendship that you will bring along.

Even though the thought of you fills my heart with insatiable love and tears of joy run down my cheeks, I’m in dread of bringing you into this world - A world, so cruel that I fear to lose my identity. I have had perpetual episodes of self-doubt, moments when thoughts chase one another, with one more confusing than the one before it. I have been told not to push harder for success, for my gender is only suitable in a home as a caregiver and in bed to quench desires and bring forth the likes of you. I have been forced to suppress my own thoughts. I lost my voice on so many occasions, not because I couldn’t speak, but the words only lingered in my mind, swirled around my tongue, suffocating me yet I can’t speak them out because of the woman I am. My frustration makes me want to give up but giving up is not an option.

Life has knocked me down multiple times, but each time I decide to get up, I feel determined more than ever, to see what lies ahead for me to conquer. For life only knocks at those with big dreams.

My daughter, do not see the world through the lenses of others, not even me - your mother. Discover yourself first; it’s only through self-discovery that you can deal with the uncertainties of nature. Borrow from the pages of Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken. The most popular choice is not always wise. Be aware of people that will stop at nothing to inflict pain on you, pain that is not so visible but could have an everlasting impact on your persona. In whatever you do, live in the present and let the future take care of itself. These are going to be words I whisper to you now, I sing them to you in lullabies and speak them to you in our chats.

This world, will test you, it will hate you, despise you, trod on you and drive you to thoughts of regret for life. There are going to be moments you will cry so hard, tears that will roll down your cheeks right through your bra. Wipe them. Those are moments you become your own comforter. No amount of words from anyone could ever please you but the ones deep within you that serve as consolation. Be courageous enough to come face to face with your worst nightmares. Fill your heart with love and hate none, for hate only destroys self.

Learn to love and trust but let your instincts always serve as a guide for you. When you’re giving, do it because you want to and do it wholeheartedly.

I pray that you’ll be the light in this dark world. Be the spark that will inspire generations of women. As I anticipate your coming, I do what little I can to make this place better for you. Regardless it will be tough but I trust you like the women of this world will withstand the adversities of this world.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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