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Editorial | Local Gov’t Election 2023: UDP delivers knock-out blows on NPP

The Chairmanship elections results are anything but pain for President Barrow and his political party - National Peoples Party ‘NPP’.

This is clearly an unmitigated disaster of President Barrow's leadership but a robust performance by the United Democratic Party “UDP”.

From Banjul, Kanifing Municipal Council ‘KMC’, West Coast Region ‘WCR’, Lower River Region ‘LRR’, North Bank Region ‘NBR’- a whopping 5 out of 8 administrative areas all in the hands of the opposition UDP.

UDP candidates won in key areas of the Mayoral and Chairmanship elections on Saturday

This is a clear indication of voters turning against the government across the length and breadth of the country.

It is a massive breakthrough moment for the UDP. From record-breaking results in the local councillors' elections, they have leapt even further forward.

Despite President Barrow relentlessly campaigning for his candidates across the country with all the state machineries, the voters deserted NPP in droves. Instead, they turn the local government into yellow and put UDP on track towards the path of power.

Without doubt, the Gambian voters want change. That is the message they overwhelmingly sent to the president of the Gambia in this local government chairmanship elections.

Even though there were voter buying allegations and all dirty tricks to muddy the minds of the electorate by NPP, voters expressed their exasperation with the government and their eagerness for change.

Armed with the ever-present state power against the constitution, in canvassing for votes, President Barrow characteristically uttered statements that made more of a mockery of our democracy.

He was seen clearly distressed, angry, and, taken leave of his senses, driving the country to near perdition. But, voters reminded the president of the cost of living crisis, the broken health system, broken public services, and the bread and butter issues of the country.

Therefore, to save NPP’s political skin, the president must listen and change courses for his party and country or face electoral abyss.

It is clear that the president lost control, with no policy direction, and everything in the country is already failing. Hence, the dazzling hardship should be crystal clear unless the president feign unnoticed.

Thus, it should be clear to you - Mr President that the ethnic entrepreneurs, the educated fools, incompetent advisers, and a bunch of opportunists masquerading as genuine supporters are nothing but deluding you about the realities of the country.

These election results are a rude awakening for your government if you will listen. The writing on the wall is stark – the NPP is in trouble. It suggests voters have had enough of a government that has presided over untold corruption, inflicted economic pain on the country, the chaos, hardship, and a government that sought to divide Gambians into tribes, and running the government like a pantomime.

With the current trajectory, it looks near certain that the NPP is in terminal decline and will lose the next general election. This is certain, unless the status quo changes for the betterment of the country.

The NPP government cannot shirk its role in smashing up state institutions and wallowing itself in the sad situation it is currently basking in.

Thus, it needs to correct the mistakes it has made. Voters are making up to a UDP, reaping the rewards of your catastrophic failures.

With over twenty-four thousand votes between your candidate and UDP’s in the West Coast Region. Also, over 13,000 votes between your candidate and UDP’s in KMC signify a decrepit state of affairs of your government.

Just as soaring food prices means the costs of living scandal continue to bite - anger at the government is clearly filtering down to a local level.

Mr president, until you narrow-mindedly stop focusing on selfish party political expediency and ensconced the country’s resources, expertise, and your energy on the country and take heed of the plight of ordinary Gambians, your party will be digging their political grave soon to be buried.

We are witnessing a wind of change sweeping away the political landscape of the country. The ball, therefore, is in your court Mr president to change course.

Ebrima Scattred Janneh “EB” is the Anchor of The Dialogue With The Youths Show on Gunjuronline TV


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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