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Editorial: Gamtel’s daylight robbery

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Gamtel’s daylight robbery of Gambian broadband consumers must be rejected, challenged and abandoned.

On Tuesday 11th April, Gambia’s main telecoms and fibre broadband provider, Gamtel released a public notice of price increment for their “Gfibre” and ADSL2+ internet services. The notice stated:

“ With effect from the Ist of May 2023, GAMTEL will be implementing a tariff increase for its broadband Internet services.

This change will affect all tariff profiles of GFIBER and ADLS2+ broadband services.”

Gamtel failed to say what percentage increment will be added to each of their internet speeds.

What’s on Gambia later posted the following:

“ Gamtel’s MD Lamin Tunkara has increased their tariffs for their broadband internet services.

~ 10 mbps from D2,500 to D3,000

~ 30 mbps from D5,000 to D8,000

~ 40 mbps from D6,000 to D12,500

And Gamtel has the worst internet services. Ask their customers”

Average Cost of a Broadband, Phone and TV Bundle in the UK was £44.21 a month for basic broadband options according to a survey for 2021. This rose to £56.99 a month for a superfast package and £79.40 for an ultrafast package. These speeds can go from 67mbps up to 1,130Mbps (Gig1 broadband service)

Now compare this to Gamtel's increased tarrif of £43 a month for their 10mbps fibre broadband only, £114 for 30mbps broadband only and a whopping £179 for 40mbps broadband only services.

What planet does Gamtel and their clueless, cruel and out of touch management live in to charge these ridiculous amounts for broadband only services that leaves much to be desired? What is Gamtel’s justification for this disproportionate price hike? Gambia needs reliable, fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity for wealth creation. Gamtel’s sub-standard service at cut-throat pricing will only kill the country’s development efforts.

There is hardly a day or two that passes without Gamtel announcing down services affecting their numerous consumers, yet has the odacity to increase prices without increasing service levels.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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