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Dalaba lodge to host the Bird and ecotourism conference

Dalaba Ecolodge in Gunjur will hold the 2020 Gunjur International Birdwatching Fair and Ecotourism Conference for the third time in February this year.

The Gunjur International Birdwatching Fair & Ecotourism Conference is The Gambia’s first-ever community-based birding event and ecotourism conference which is held annually in Gunjur Village, The Gambia. The Fair brings together bird experts, bird enthusiasts, ecotourists, local community, and nature lovers, to get together to learn about Gambian bird species, as well as learn about ecotourism development in The Gambia.

The 2020 Gunjur International Bird Fair & Ecotourism Conference aims to provide a platform for the locals, conservationists, environmentalists, decision-makers, and tourism stakeholders to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, as well as discuss challenges, and to identify solutions to issues affecting Ecotourism, and Environmental and Ecological Resources in The Gambia. According to the organisers, there is a conference registration fee of D200, which is approximately USD$5. The registration fee will cover the cost of producing Certificate of Attendance, Meal and Conference T-shirts. Some of the proceeds from the registration fee will also go towards the annual tree planting and other activities of the organisation that organised the conference.

The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa, with a wide variety of geographical features such as wetlands, forest cover, beautiful coastline, and migratory routes for birds, etc. The country is rich and unique in ecological resources, with wonderful ecotourism resorts. According to statistics, The Gambia has over 540 species of birds, most of which can be seen along the coastline of the country, and others can be seen in the inland of the Gambia.

If you would like to be a sponsor of the conference, please contact Ecotravel Gambia as follows:

Contact: 3905096 / 3338666 Email:


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