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Councillor Momodou Charreh Gibba: COVID-19 is real and deadly

Gambia: Wednesday 05 August 

In an open letter to the people of Gunjur and Kombo South by extension, Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba, Ward Councillor for Gunjur has appealed for attitudinal changes and response towards the Coronavirus, warning that: “COVID-19 IS REAL AND DEADLY”

Gunjur Ward Councillor, Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba

The outspoken politician was quick to point out that the central government was too slow to act decisively to ensure that the virus does not spread in the country the way it is currently at an alarming rate.

His words: “ My advice is focussed on our attitudes and responses towards COVID 19 pandemic. We have to agree and understand that this corona virus is real . It is just unfortunate that our Government was too slow to act decisively until it is now getting out of hand. ”

Insisting that everybody should recognise that COVID-19 is real and take action to prevent further spread of the virus in the community, Counciloor Gibba added: “ I hereby appeal to everyone to believe that COVID 19 is real, and that we have to get up and take the necessary health advice. COVID 19 IS easily transferable, therefore we must stop all our social gatherings or ceremonies. Let us continue the hand washing, and encourage the use of Face Masks. We have to advise our children to stay at home and avoid the Sunday beaches”

The firebrand politician reminded the people of Gunjur and Kombo South especially that it is an offence to violate the “TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF NON ESSENTIAL PUBLIC PLACES ORDER 2020” introduced by the government to stem the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in the country.

Hon. Gibba concluded his letter by appealing to the people to come together to fight the spread of COVID-19, saying: “ We have to come together to fight this pandemic by observing social distancing and other health advices. This is a very difficult time for all of us, therefore let us collaborate with the law enforcement agencies to ensure that the proper guidelines are adhered to. I thank everyone for their efforts to raise our awareness and to encourage us to stand up firmly.“

The Gambia has recently seen rapid increases in the number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with senior government officials testing positive to the virus including the Vice President.

The country has so far registered 671 confirmed cases with 173 of these on Monday, 3rd August. 14 of which have sadly died of the virus, with 572 active cases and 79 recovered (Source: Ministry of Health Situation Report 110).

Ministry of Health Situation Report 110


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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