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Commentary: Bullies are cowards

Thursday, 20 August | Sulayman Jeng


Yes, they are cowards and evil with a void eating them from the inside. The only way, their in their delusional believe, of attaining fulfillment is by tormenting and harassing others. But we must not let them be in charge of our space and peace.

We are all gifted by God. But He is extra generous to some in measured gift than others. Aisha Gambia is one of those plentifully favoured by God in entertaining, awakening and reminding us of burning issues. Aisha Gambia is resourceful. Her hilarious videos embed loads of information and instructions on how to stay safe and recognize scammers. Notably, her "Uncle Corona" video depicting an elderly Aku lady. Comically uplifting and educative. That is what we need to deflate stress.

Aisha Gambia

Lamentably, she is been subjected to disheartening bullying on the social media. What makes it even more nauseating is the dragging of her innocent son into carrying her cross. What kind of a person will used an innocent child to bully a parent? That isn't the Gambianness I grew up to know. We must not allow either a misguided group or individual bully anyone on the social media for expressing an idea or belief contradicting their. You don't want to hear her don't go to her page or wall. But you don't like the clown yet you keep returning to the circus has more to it than meet the eye. I am saddened and worried at the lowest pit at which some of us have descended to. It is irresponsible and inhumane using an innocent child to bully his mother.

We must all in the strongest term condemn those bully Aisha Gambia because of her private past. Let us not brush it aside as insignificant. It is mentally and psychologically affecting the very being of the person bullied. It forces some to commit suicide and/or lead others to mental illness. That isn't not the kind of environment we want to flourish. Let us stand up against it before we become the next target.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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