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Coastal communities grapple with illegal migration

With instability in Libya and greater curbs on illegal migration through the Mediterranean, a new front has opened in costal Gambia with young people taking canoes to Spain.

Gunjuronline can reliably report that a full boatload of young people from Gunjur has made it to Spain a few days ago.

Boatload of young people from Gunjur arrived in Spain a few days ago. (library image)

A source who spoke to Gunjuronline on condition of anonymity said: “People are now pushing their children to try the backway to Europe. Even women are now taking the route. I have seen parents accompany their children to the beach in the hope they can have a better life in Spain”.

More than three hundred youths have made it to Spain from Gunjur since the beginning of the year, he added.

“Just got news another canoe full of boys from Gunjur has made it to Spain. It’s very worrying that all these people are ready to risk their lives for a better future in Europe”.

The trend, he revealed, is not restricted to Gunjur as other costal communities like Kartong have seen a surge in departures.

It could be recalled that a boat full of young people from Gambia is still unaccounted for since they left the shores of Gunjur some two years ago.

The boat left the shores of Gunjur on November 8th 2021, and the whereabouts of the occupants are still unknown as parents and relatives have not heard from them since they embarked on the irregular migration journey to mainland Spain.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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