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Race against time to stop another batch of would be backway migrants from departing Gunjur

In a joint operation by the Gunjur Vigilante group and Gunjur Police, key suspects were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday to avert yet another boat load of backway migrants to Europe leaving the shores of Gunjur and Kartong.

Would be backway migrants use these boats to embark on the perilous journeys to Europe

The main suspect, one Sulayman Khan from Gunjur Khan Kunda is still at large. It is widely believed that as long as Sulayman Khan remain at large, the boat will eventually depart. It could be recalled that the boat which ended up in Mauritania in 2021 where a young teacher and seven others died and the survivors repatriated by government was alledgedly masterminded by the said Sulayman Khan.

Backway crisis: Tragedy as 8 backway migrants die onboard a boat that left Gunjur for Spain

According to intelligence from our informant, some members of the crew had already made it to the departing location in Kartong and Gunjur Sambuyang. We expect the police to mount an ambush in those locations later tonight to stop another perilous journey to Europe. 

Followers of this medium can recall that in November 2021, a boat full of young Gunjurians departed Gunjur and up to date no credible information about their whereabouts has been officially confirmed. 

It is believed that all of the migrants on that fateful boat may have perished at sea. On that occasion a member of the Vigilante group found these migrants in bushes along the Gunjur coast shortly before the boat left and alerted the immigration department in Tanji responsible for illegal migration, but for some reason the police could not intercept them and eventually, the said boat appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth with a potential human catastrophe of unimaginable proportion.

Do you have vital information about Sulayman Khan or his current whereabouts? Please contact Gunjur Police with any information that may lead to the location and arrest of this man to help stem the continued facilitation of this backway migration menance from the shores of Gunjur allegedly organised and masterminded by Sulayman Khan and his crew.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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