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CBG governor defies Barrow, sets up scintillating fight for control of national treasury

News: Friday, 2nd October | GunjurOnline

In an embarrassing turn of events for president Adama Barrow, Central Bank governor Bakary Jammeh has declined his appointment as minister of trade while pointing out the cumbersome process for his removal, Kerr Fatou has reported.

Central Bank Governor Bakary Jammeh

In a letter dispatched to the president, the embattled governor postulated his appointment is in violation of existing legal framework governing his employment, and the trade ministry he is appointed to doesn’t fit his skill set as a trained economist.

He alluded to his contract as governor which lasts for a period of five years under section 18, (3[ of the Central Bank of The Gambia Act, 2018.

The section hands the governor a contract for 5 years with preclusion of transfer unless after giving a three months notice.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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