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Breaking: Young shop owner found stabbed and killed in Gunjur

Abdourahman Bah, an enterprising young shop owner was found stabbed and killed in his shop in Gunjur in the early hours of Saturday, 29th July 2023.

Neighbours around Fa Bai Jobe Kunda woke up to the tragic news of the death of Abdourahman Bah, son of one Alfa Bah of Gunjur. Abdourahman operates a commodities shop opposite the TARUD office.

Abdourahman Bah was found stabbed in his shop Saturday morning

Circumstances surrounding his stabbing and death are sketchy as the sad event happened last night. Residents expressed concern over recent crimes in the community and call on authorities to re-enforce tighter security measures to protect life and properties. 

Essa Sumareh expressed his shock on the news, saying Abdourahman is “ Very focused and humble young man”

This is a developing story…


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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