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Breaking: Yankuba Touray’s constitutional immunity claim has been dismissed

The Yankuba Touray vs The State constitutional immunity case was in court today. The Supreme court, headed by C. Justice has ruled on the immunity case of former AFPRC junta member which was filled by defense counsel A Sissohor.

Yankuba Touray will now continue his defence in the murder of Ousman Koro Ceesay at the High Court

The Apex court has over ruled the immunity claim filed by Mr Touray‘s defence team. The ruling means that Yankuba Touray will now return to the High Court to continue with his defence over the murder of the AFPRC junta Finance Minister, Ousman Koro Ceesay, presided over by Justice Ebrima Jaiteh.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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