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Breaking: Gunjur Police Gets Replacement Service Vehicle

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Gunjur: Sunday 14 June |By GunjurOnline

The Gunjur Police station has been given a replacement service vehicle to help tackle the growing crime rate in the sprawling coastal settlement amid recent high level break-ins in the community.

Gunjur Police gets new service vehicle as promised by IGP

Gunjur is a relatively peaceful and safe community with very low crime rate until recently when residents started experiencing thieves breaking into prooerties and doing away with hundreds of thousands of Dalasis worth of goods.

Residents blamed the surge in crime on the lock down due to the Coronavirus where new people have been trapped in the community who are of foreign nationalities from neighbouring countries, and lack of police utility vehicle to enable the local police to carry out investigations and patrols to keep the community safe.

Local Ward councillor, Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba wrote an open letter to the Inspector General of Police who subsequently invited him to his office to discuss the matter further. At the meeting, the IGP assured the councillor that the matter will be addressed.

Announcing news of the new service vehicle for Gunjur Police, Councillor Gibba revealed:

“This is to inform the general public that Gunjur Police Station will receive a vehicle on Wednesday 17th June 2020. The Commissioner of Police WCR will appear for the Inspector General of Police to officially hand over a vehicle to the Gunjur Police Station. This is a timely response to the request I made to the IGP some weeks ago. The handing over will be graced by the Alkali, VDC, the council of elders among others. I therefore call on everyone to join me in thanking the IGP for a very quick response, and I hope that the provision of this vehicle would enable the police to effectively carry out their duties.”

Gunjur Police is one of the regional police posts without a functioning police service vehicle: Siffoe, Sanyang are also without service vehicles. The provision a police vehicle for Gunjur police is a welcome development.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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