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Breaking: Bakary Touray, AKA Barakah Gerrard looses his life enroute to Spain

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Gunjuronline has received the devastating news of the passing of a promising young lad from Gunjur as he tries to reach Spain having embarked on the journey onboard a wooden canoe. Bakary was a talented footballer/coach who was also Captain of Santos United in Gunjur.

Bakary Touray pictured lost his life trying to reach Spain on a boat

Family and friends were happy when news of him and others arrival in Spain was announced only to find out Bakary Touray has actually lost his life.

May Allah SWT have mercy on his soul and grant him a place in Jannahtul firdaws.

The recent surge of young men, women and children mainly from coastal settlements of the Gambia is a grave cause for concern as the “Backway” route to Europe is threatening to wipeout the cream of our Gambian societies.

In a similar development, a boat carrying tens of young men, women and children ended up in a seaside town of Kayari in Senegal when they missed the route to Spain last Saturday. Luckily, all survived. They were rescued by the people of this Senegalese town, cared for before the Kayari community members contacted the Alkalo of Gunjur to inform him of the precence of the migrants in their community.

When the migrants were processed by the Senegalese authorities and released, the Kayari community organised a bus and transported the migrants to the border settlement of Karang where representatives from Gunjur are to meet them and bring them back to Gunjur. 

The Alkali in collaboration with the Gunjur VDC and GDF sent some people from Gunjur to meet the migrants in Karang to escort them back home. 

They arrived in Gunjur in the early hours of Wednesday. 


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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