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Another migrant boatload left Gunjur for Spain on Sunday

As the menance of the irregular migration from The Gambia to mainland Spain festers, another boatload of migrants left the shores of Gunjur on Sunday for destination mainland Spain.

The latest departure came on the hills of another boatload of young men, women and children that arrived in Spain last week.

The spate of departures using locally made wooden boats is a cause for concern to many in the seaside communities from Kartong to Bakau.

Expressing his concerns, Edrisa Jabang, aka Edi King wrote on his Facebook calling for the government to do something for the youths to stem the persistent risking of lives to use the “backway” to Europe by any means necessary.

Edi King wrote:

“Am feeling so sad I don’t know how the future of our beloved country will be! Our young boys and girls are risking their lives for back way journey to Europe . Our streets are empty, our roads are quiet, families have thought about their sons and daughters are in the sea and some of them their whereabouts are yet to be known . Why the authorities are still moot about this situation? Why’s the government still not having plans to make their own citizens to have hope for their homeland . All the coastal towns are empty because of back-way journey . My 13-years-old son came to me asking me to call his name sake in America to send him money to embark on this journey . That gave me crazy feeling how the future of this country will be.“

It could be recalled that Gunjuronline reported last week that a boatload of migrants from the sprawling coastal settlement arrived in mainland Spain having left the shores of Gunjur on a boat.

A source told Gunjuronline that some parents are now pushing their children to take the boat to Europe for pastures greener as the country offers very little for the young people.

“More than three hundred youths have made it to Spain from Gunjur since the beginning of the year." the source added.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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