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Berending native who killed man with cutlass faces life in jail

Berending native, Lamin Jobe, faces life imprisonment for the alleged killing of Ansumana Drammeh over a land dispute.

According to The Standard newspaper, the accused was arraigned last week for causing the demise of deceased Ansumana Drammeh with ‘malice aforethought’. The skirmish over land issue leading to the death of Lamin Drammeh occurred on September 18, 2020, in the Kombo Southern village of Berending.

A Berending local speaking to media about the land issues in Berending

The prosecution prayed the court for the transfer of the case to special criminal division of the high court which deals with offenses attracting capital punishment.

Cadet ASP Buteh Sawaneh,representing the prosecution submitted:

“I am aware of the provision of section 5 sub-section (1) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), which gives this court power to preside over any case except treason. I also avert my mind under provision of section 5 subsection 1 (A) of the CPC which stated among others, pursuant to legal notice Number 3 of 2009, establishing the Special Criminal Division of the High Court to deal with exclusively with capital offences”, he said.

The prosecution also opposed grant of bail to the accused,a request the principal magistrate, Isatou Darboe, countenanced as well as transfer of the case to the special criminal court.



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