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Barrow breaks silence on Fisheries ministry corruption saga, vows action

Following the publication of corruption allegations against top fisheries ministry official Bamba Banja, president Barrrow has declared investigations will be followed to logical conclusion and action followed.

Fisheries Permanent Secretary, Dr Bamba Banja has been suspended for alleged corruption

The president made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with Eye Africa when he was pressed on concerns about corruption in his government. He explained:

“These are isolated incidents that have happened,but we have set up an enquiries(SIC).You know in a democracy it’s not easy.If democracy was easy nobody will be encouraged to practice democracy. If it was dictatorship you can arrest and put people in jail. But now you cannot do that.Now what you can do is you follow due process We have suspended the man concerned, the man who is accused.We are now investigating and after the investigation then the report comes.That’s the time now we decide what to do.Our policies ,our plans, our reforms is how to eliminate corruption. How do we eliminate corruption.You migrate to the e-system.That’s what we want to do.You migrate to the e-system,you pay through the system”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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