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At the High Court | The State vs Yankuba Touray

By our Banjul correspondence:

The murder trial involving former AFPRC junta member Yankuba Touray resumed at the High Court in Banjul on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh.

The case opened at 12:00pm and Prosecution Witness Alagi KanyI (PW6) began his testimony admitting to jointly killing the formar minister of finance Ousman Koro Ceesay. PW6 Kanyi admitted and confirmed that Finance Minister Koro Ceesay was killed at Yankuba Touray's house. According to the testimony of PW6, they were briefed  by Edward Singhateh that they (the junta) want to get rid of the minister who is coming to the house soon.

Further testifying, PW6 revealed that upon arrival of the minister at Yankuba Touray’s house, he (PW6) welccomed the minister as they went into Yankuba Touray’s house. “While in the corridor, I had a big knock from behind me, then as I stepped forward and looked back, I saw the minister laying flat on his back after Edward Singhateh hit him on his head with a pounding stick (kuda)”.

Continuing his testimony, PW6 said Edward Singhateh then asked him to also hit the Minister which he did, followed by Peter Singhateh, Yankuba Touray and others. “After he (the minister) was killed, Edward singhateh told me to clean the blood on the floor as they carried the dead body outside into the minister’s own car as Edward, Yankuba and Peter left the compound with the dead body, as they remained behind.

Concluding his testimony for the day, PW6 told the court that a day after the killing of Finance Minister Ceesay, Kanyi he has had people talking about the death of the minister of finance, but he remained quiet and did tell anybody about what had actually happened at Yankuba Touray’s house the previous day.

PW6 Alagi Kanyi will be cross-examined by the defence counsel today at the High Court from 11:30 to 12:30.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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