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A Country Without Rules Has No Future

In past times, Africa has been bedeviled with various forms of lawlessness which led to awful days of extremists and imperialists. Where individuals took powers into their own hands and did whatever they so wish. Africa, including the Gambia of course, has made major strides when it comes to ensuring Good Governance, respect for Human Rights and Democracy, under the leadership of President Barrow.We cannot compromise on anything to return to those days of oppression or lawlessness. 

The police have signed a social contract with the citizens of the country to protect them and to ensure that the law is enforced so much that NOBODY is put above the law. 

I believe that, anybody who takes the law into their own hands should be punished, but they should follow the right procedures as indicated by law. 

The law is the law.

Ansumana Bojang

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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