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Followers scorch Whatsongambia for post on private schools

Online publication, What’s On Gambia, has come under scorching criticism following publication of an opinion criticising the merit of private schools.  

In the post What'sOnGambia enquires: “Why are Gambian parents wasting millions to send their kids to private schools like Marina, SBEC or WAIS? These schools are nothing but breeding grounds to nurture a community of kids with oversized egos and little social skills. All the top professionals in this country are products of Nusrat, St Peter's, Gambia High, St Augustine's, Armitage and other public schools. READ MORE HERE!”. Responding, Abiy Romeo quipped: “What'sOnGambi-typical juvenile attitude. I am not like you, it is evident that you are the lower quality type brand that will always resort to insults. I can't roll in the mud with you. I did that in my teenage years but now I am older and I am wiser than slinging poor tasting insults. Cheers”.

A Gambian working in senior management of a company who declined to be named, retorted: “His facts are completely wrong.There are several private school doing extremely well.He just knows his small circle and those in the public eye period.And it is misleading because he is not considering the numbers that didn't graduate and are languishing in extreme poverty because they left public schools with no employability and ability to making a living”. Nana Letti Ndow who attended private school reacts with incredulity: “Really whats on Gambia? Really oversized ego. God that's harsh. I went to WAIS but am nothing to your descriptions or expectations, one's personality has nothing to do with the school/ schools they went to. It all has to do with the inner person and the way he or she has been brought up period”. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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