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Mai Fatty: Next government after Barrow will be a GMC government

By Sainey Darboe Mai Fatty,former interior minister and head of GMC who was recently appointed as special adviser by president Barrow, has predicted that his party is on course to lead the next government at the end of Barrow’s tenure at State House. 

Addressing his supporters following his appointment as special adviser to president Barrow, he stated:  

“My greetings to all GMC members. I extend greetings and appreciation for your your patriotism with love of GMC. It’s important we discuss, however brief,because we have a stake in each other. It’s important that once in a while we get together and have conversations as family and for the head of the family to address it so that we don’t have misunderstandings.

I’m aware there has been a lot talk over my appointment to a position by the government. I didn’t speak earlier on the appointment because there was talk of it, but there was nothing concrete. The appointment as special adviser to the president has been confirmed by way of a letter which has reached me this afternoon”. 

While assessing the prospects of GMC capturing the presidency under his leadership, he added: “We shall strengthen our party and my appointment shall not shake our party. The truth shall prevail in the future and there shall be no government after Barrow other than a GMC government. The nex government is a GMC government in The Gambia. We shall not abandon , nor neglect our party. And we shall work together with the president on the NDP (National Development Plan). I shall work hand in hand with the president to get the country out of the ditch. Let’s come and work together because the next government is a GMC government. Let’s have faith in the destiny of Allah and believe the rule of GMC cannot be derailed or stopped whether anyone likes it or not. There is no person on earth and in heaven who can stop GMC from fulfilling its destiny”. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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