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OPINION: President Barrow Is Not Shrewd - Pata PJ

Pata Saidykhan, aka Pata PJ has delivered a verdict on President Adam Barrow. Below, we reproduce verbatim, the damning verdict on his Excellency President Adama Barrow, the “bus driver” 


For the first time after watching President Barrow at the meeting with West Coast folks, I regretfully saw a striking semblance with former President Jammeh in childish, amateurish tantrums and an address clothed in absolute lack of substance, chest pumping emptiness. GRTS TV, an institution I publicly declared to be my favorite institution to embrace, accommodate and embody our democratic change has effectively detoured to drive back on nasty road of State wastefulness. The initial promise of eventful, educative programs are getting shelved for foolishness. This time slot could have been used to cover the National Assembly retreat on 2019 Budget and/or Constitutional Review Commission exercise. It's very clear that Adama Barrow does not have the ability to learn from recent history. That means he's ready and willing to fail in a very short period. He lacks EVERYTHING that should earn him a reelection. So I'm reluctantly admitting that President Barrow is NOT the elected leader who is going to sail this ship not because he lacks the competence BUT the unnecessary DISTRACTIONS of a compulsive obsession with power, for a man who admitted to have been dragged from sleep to APPLY for a candidature. The glass is HALF FULL for me. Always. The good thing is that democracy is in play and all who are built for the art will have to show that they earned it. There's no new struggle nor are we bringing back an old struggle. That struggle HAS BEEN OVER. For MOST Gambians, was a struggle PRIMARILY against tyranny, murder, rape, torture, exiling, arbitrary arrest to usher a democracy. THIS, is politics. And the strongest, most invested, most determined, most relatable and most progressive are the surest to win people's mandate. Until then, let the GOVERNMENT [and I meant the Government] and relevant State INSTITUTIONS stay on course and away from the President's distractions. WE. WILL. SORT. HIM. OUT. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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