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UDP Kombo South Chair lambasts VP Darboe and Local MP for rupture

Newly elected UDP Kombo South Chairman, Buba Gitteh, has opened up about divisions within the United Democratic Party in the wake of the acrimonious regional congress held in Sanyang that exposed a colossal cleavage in the party.

 Buba Gitteh critisises VP Darboe for not doing enough for April 14 victims as party leader

Speaking to Foday Karl Darboe in a live Facebook broadcast, Buba Gitteh who was one of the April 14, 2016 demonstrators incarcerated alongside UDP founder Ousainou Darboe, also accused incumbent Kombo South MP Kebba K Barrow of fomenting deep divisions within the party.

His words:  “KKB has tried to recruit people to contest against me for the position of Kombo South regional chairman on the basis that he was told by Ousainou Darboe that I was part of Barrow Movement. I have sacrificed my life for the party for 20 years and mobilised people for years at my own expense. I went to prison for months where I endured torture and solitary confinement. Since I came out I have suffered poor health with a swollen leg that prevented me from walking. When I was in hospital I was honoured with a visit from Ousainou Darboe and he gave me D600 to help with my treatment”. According to Buba Gitteh, Ousainou Darboe is trying to sideline him despite his contributions to efforts that unseated Jammeh. “Ousainou and KKB are acting dictatorial by plotting to remove me as UDP Kombo South chair even though majority of the UDP members in the constituency wants me as the chairman. Ousainou and KKB believe I support Barrow. They both do not like the fact that I was given a bike by Barrow without going through UDP party mechanisms. We need unity in Kombo South for the Congress. We have to come together instead of being disunited. Ousainou Darboe doesn’t have membership right in UDP any more than me because he was imprisoned and earned the name "Mandela" because people like me and others sacrificed our lives”. Mr Gitteh maintained that when Ousianou Darboe came out of prison, he was asked by President Barrow what job he wanted and was handed the Foreign Affairs Ministry which is what he requested.

“So if he could be given any position of his desire, why is he having a hard time accepting my receipt of a motor bike from President Barrow? I was with Ousainou Darboe in prison. He knows me. Lamin Sanneh knows me. Kemesseng Jammeh knows me. They got positions and the people they fought with are struggling. We can’t even get proper treatment. President Barrow spent over D100,000 on me for my treatment”

Readers may recall that Buba Gitteh was arrested on 14th April 2016, alongside Solo Sandeng and 23 others for staging a peaceful protest demanding electoral reforms and an end to Yaya Jammeh's repressive rule. He was detained and severely tortured by state security agents before being released with health problems.

 Video of the interview with Buba Gitteh - Courtesy of Foday Karl Darboe

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