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Gunjur Ward UDP Councillor clarifies Congress debacle

Momodou Charreh Jibba, UDP Ward Councillor for Gunjur has clarified issues surrounding the recently concluded UDP Kombo South Congress. 

Mr Jibba’s clarification came on the hills of disputes at a proposed congress scheduled to take place in Kombo Sanyang on November 4th. 

Below, we reproduce verbatim, the response sent to this medium following enquiries made to the councillor:


Once again, it is a great pleasure for me to be accorded this opportunity to shed light on the congresses held in Sanyang and Gunjur respectively. In response to your questions , kombo South constituency was supposed to hold its congress in Sanyang on the 4th November 2018. First and foremost , let me put to you that, Hon. K K B as the sitting member of parliament for kombo South constituency , is the only one who has the mandate to call for the congress, fix the venue and observe the process while the regional chairman moderates or conduct the due process. The Hon.MP wrote a lettter to all the 3 councillors in his constituency , calling for the kombo south congress to take place on the 4th of Nov 2018 at the Gunjur bureau with each ward producing 40 delegates . Yusufa CHAM in his capacity as the regional 1st vice chairman of WCR was assigned by the executive committee of the UDP to conduct the kombo south congress. At the start of the process , after the welcoming remarks by the Sanyang ward councillor and the Hon.MP , Yusufa Cham requested the 3 wards to submit their lists of 40 delegates. Gunjur ward and Kartong ward all submitted their 40 man delegates . To our surprise and dismay , Sanyang ward produced over 60 people, claiming that their ward is too big and they cannot produce only 40 people. This was the argument between Yusufa Cham and the chairman of Sanyang ward. The Hon. MP intervened and instructed that each ward must produce only 40 delegates as indicated in the letters to the 3 councillors. The councillor of Sanyang ward rejected the idea of having equal number of delegates and consequently the whole process was disrupted by angry delegates. The councillor and the chairman of Sanyang ward both insisted that each village in the constituency should produce 5 delegates and IF that is not possible, there will be no congress in Sanyang. The Hon.MP insisted that the congress must go on but the people of Sanyang on the other hand said , it would not take place in Sanyang. Before any further trouble , the Hon.MP advised the 2 wards to go to Gunjur and proceed with the congress . The delegates from Kartong ward and Gunjur ward all left Sanyang for Gunjur followed by the 2 councillors, the Hon.MP, the UDP executive representative Yusufa Cham and some delegates from TANJI , Tujereng, Banyak and Bato Kunku. The congress satisfied the quorum and went on peacefully. Thanks 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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