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Breaking: Golden Lead caught fishing illegally in Gambian waters

The fishing trawler of the Golden Lead Import and Export Company operating a Fish meal processing plant in Gunjur has been caught illegally fishing in the Gambian waters, according The Gambia National Army.  

GOLDEN LEAD 1 was intercepted by The Gambia Navy’s boat along with two other Chinese fishing vessels which were also intercepted and arrested by the Senegalese Navy boat in a joint patrol operation funded by European Union under the PESCAO program. The three vessels were intercepted and arrested on September 21st and 22nd as part of The Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bussau Sub-Regional fisheries operation to combat illegal fishing. 

The Golden Lead 1 fishing vessel was intercepted and the crew members arrested after they were found to be tampering with fishing nets and fishing in the wrong position.

According to The Gambia Army News, YI FENG 17 and YI FENG 18 both Chinese vessels were also intercepted and arrested in Gambian waters by the Senegalese Navy boat, FULLADU. They were found to have no registration and tonnage certificates on board for inspection.

All three intercepted fishing vessels have been escorted to the Banjul Port where they are under the Gambian Naval custody pending further action.

It could be recalled that Golden Lead Import and Export Company was accused of polluting the environment by way of discharging untreated Fish meal factory waste into the sea and nearby lagoon.

A consortium of environmental groups filed a law suit at the High Court of The Gambia against Golden Lead, following an out of court settlement between the company and National Environment Agency. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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