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Kabiru Touray graduates with second masters Degree from University of Manchester

Kabiru K. Touray, a UK based native of Gunjur this week graduated with an additional masters degree in ‘Humanitarianism and Conflict Response’ from University of Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Kabiru Touray graduated in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response at University of Manchester 

Speaking to GunjurNewsOnline, the UK based academic and Social Scientist had this to say about his recent research and masters degree: “the key strands in my masters include Humanism in Practice and Humanitarian Aid, Conflict Response and Humanitarian Intervention, Culture and Disaster – Disaster Reduction and Management. As part of my study, I undertook a research in Rwanda looking at Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development.”

In the course of writing this article, this medium devoured over one academic profile after another and discovered that Kabiru is about one of the fewest Gunjurians with double masters degree. His academic odyssey which took him across the world in search of knowledge has been rather winsome and successful. Talking to him over the phone from his base in the UK, he was about the most fluid orator and enlightened academic from Gunjur.

Mr. Kabiru K. Touray, a cosmopolitan polyglot with fluency in Swedish, German, English, Dutch and Mandinka started his academic journey in the dusty class rooms of Gunjur village and Bottrop Technical High School in Brikama. After graduating from high school, Kabiru worked in The Gambia Tourism industry before travelling to the UK in early 2000s in pursuit of knowledge and academic qualifications. In 2008 he graduated with BSc. (Hons) from Bath Spa University in Tourism Management with a focus on Planning and Policy.

Kabiru in his quest for knowledge couldn’t stop himself but proceeded to Manchester Metropolitan University where he bagged an MSc. in International Tourism with special focus on Strategic Management, the use of Information and Communication Technology as a strategic platform for Sustainable Tourism Development. His graduation this week with a second masters degree in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response from The University of Manchester earn him a spot in the coveted league of Gunjurians with advanced multiple academic qualifications.

Success they say, inspires success and has many fathers, Ousman Jola Touray aka father, an elder brother to Kabiru was quick to highlight the great role he played in his academic-highflying little brother’s academic journey and could not be any prouder. He said: “I am so proud of my little brother, Kabiru because I have been so tough on him during his school days as a young man in Gunjur to take his studies seriously and all my friends dead or alive today from Foday Jabang to Lamin Darboe C. can attest to this”. Very elated Ousman Jola concluded. 

Kabiru Touray with family and friends at the graduation ceremony at University of Manchester 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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