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Museum of Gunjur: Where the history of The Gambia comes to life

The Musuem of Gunjur was founded and run by Lamin M Bojang who started the first ever museum in Gunjur from humble beginnings. 

About Lamin's Living Village Museum

I first began my plans for The Gunjur museum building for cultural heritage and environmental preservation, some years before I came to Footsteps as a birding guide. The idea is to create the communities first Cultural Heritage Museum for the benefit of researchers, students, tourists, locals and future generations.. The Natural Culture and History Museum will be the only indigenous natural, life and cultural history museum in Gambia. It is located in the natural environment comprising the natural habitats for the remaining fauna and flora. This is the only museum where nature can be experienced and our guests can see our remaining tree and animal species. The museum building itself is now built and work is progressing with things such as having display cases made to protect the artefacts. Until those works are finished Lamin's living museum is based at his home and Lamin is offering days trips so that visitors can learn of his work, where it started, where it is today and what is needed to see it open for all in the future. The living museum trip is available seven days a week during the high season and can be booked directly with Lamin through the contact page or through Footsteps Eco Lodge on 7732060. About Lamin Bojang:

Lamin M Bojang was born in Gunjur Village Kombo South, West Coast Region, The Gambia, West Africa from Malang Bojang and Mbenki Mama Touray. Lamin attended Gunjur Primary School from primary one to primary six where he sat his common entrance examination . Lamin’s education went well up until high school but due to his father being sick he was unable to continue this education due to financial reasons. He later joined an insurance company in Banjul called Gamstar Insurance which was the leading insurance company in The Gambia.

While Lamin was working at the insurance company he was also working with his colleagues at a community level on a voluntary basis studying environmental protection and development at an organisation called The Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group [GEPADG]. He then went on to work full time as a senior community warden where he received training on environmental and natural issues such as protected area management and cetacean conservation. He achieved his environmental and ecological experience there and went on to attain a diploma in Rural Community Development at the West African rural community development centre. Lamin has one wife called Suwadou Badjie who was also born in Gunjur. They have six daughters together who attend English and Arabic schools in Gunjur village. Lamin is the sole provider for his family and works mainly as an expert birding guide for the guests staying at Footsteps Eco Lodge. To find out more about the museum, visit them by clicking on the link below:

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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