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Summer is here folks, let us get into the ice and cold tea Business

GunjurBiz: Summer is Here Folks! Let us get Into Ice and Cold Tea Business By Abubakr Jammeh:

Gambia is not known for tea production, in fact, I have never had cold or ice tea when I was back home. I was introduced to it in Asia where you have unlimited number of tea brands that are major players in both micro and macro-economic activities of almost every country in the far east. Almost every corner has stores that sells juice, tea, milk tea, papaya tea, bubble milk tea, and the list is endless. It is a competitively rewarding business.  

After enjoying varieties of tea flavours in Asia for the past three years, nothing comes close to our local “Sisiling-Nyaamo” or “Mbor-Bor”. Its natural flavour and aroma is unmatched by any of the well-known brands that I have ever tried in my life. This is a natural tea that you can get from the outskirts of most of the towns in Gambia for free. It is time to grow, process, dry, package and sell it to the shops and supermarkets, and open a small store to sell it yourself. After a visit back home two years ago, I introduced my family to it. At first, they were not interested in trying it for they haven’t heard or tried it before. After some tries, it became the favourite drink in the house and kids are now in love with it. Get yourself an ice cooler, boil it, and sell it as cold or with some ice cubes in it. We must do away with maximizing its benefits only in Ramadan. This is a business venture that we can embark on all year round.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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