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The spirit of oneness – Exactly what Gunjur needs today

Dear Editor: The spirit of oneness – Exactly what Gunjur needs today 

For a healthier furtherance of community development, there should be communal understanding and a sense of unionism to attain thus. For any start-up organisation if there is no coherence and reciprocated indulgent towards the working purposes it will be very tough to archive. 

Gunjur as the helm of community development has once and still get the chance to help its people to enhance development projects to sustain her inhabitants, but for more reasons than one, that led to the failure of the one-time TARUD exchange visit program between Gunjur and our partners in UK. 

This failure came as a result of envy, greed, selfishness and other forms of human weaknesses on our part. In hindsight, that partnership could have really helped the community in so many ways.

We could have had millions of funds at our disposal, but if we don’t have that same rope that’s going to tie us as one, it will be very hard to develop ourselves; we need to change our mindsets first then it will be easier to develop our community.

Nothing comes easy. That is common knowledge. And when it comes to human beings, it’s always a problem, with different background, upbringing, mentality and so on. As such, having a collective voice is always a problem, but it can be done. Having a community radio gave us a better chance to engage and promote dialogue amongst ourselves. We should have a weekly one or two hours radio program only to talk about development programs in Gunjur. This can serve as an avenue to sensitize our people and how we can be able to develop our community.

Since most of the youth are into football, we can use the head of each team as a focal person to mediate and sensitize their respective team members and fan clubs to disseminate information on how the youth can be involved and galvanized into meaningful development. This group of influencers can be invited at the radio programs to talk about issues affecting our people.

If we build and enhance that spirit of togetherness, it will be easier to do the physical development 

By A concerned Gunjurian

Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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