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BOMBSHELL: Business Tycoon Alhagie Conteh Lobbied for KKB to Become Majority Leader

UDP Insider Reveals How Businessman with ties to Golden Lead Alhagie Conteh Lobbied for KKB to Become Majority Leader

Have you ever wondered why the majority leader of the National Assembly and representative for Kombo south constituency, Kebba K Barrow, has been mute about the environmental pollution Golden Lead has been perpetrating in his constituency? Well, Foday Karl Darboe, a Gunjur UDP staunch supporter has an answer for the question that has been playing on the minds of many.

The simple answer is: KKB cannot speak against the business interests of a man who bankrolled his Campaign to become MP and earned him prestigious position of Majority Leader of the Gambian parliament through his connections with Adama Barrow and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

Foday Karl Darboe, a UDP insider and a one-time treasurer to Kebba K. Barrow’s campaign revealed:

“Thanks to Alhagie Conteh for his good connections to the party leader of United Democratic Party Lawyer Ousainou Numukunda Darboe, we all later came to realize that majority leader position was reserved for Alhagie S Darboe , UDP candidate of Brikama North. Remember those you labelled as antigovernment are the ones who massively voted you into office and remember the same people you labelled as antigovernment are the ones who lobbied for your majority leadership in the parliament”.

Foday Darboe, apparently disappointed in how the Kombo South member of parliament turned his back on the needs of the very people who elected him;while serving a business man Alhagie Conteh who owns a share in Golden Lead Factory lamented :

“I felt deeply disappointed when I listened to an interview on SoundCloud between you and Gainako. KKB I was among those patriotic citizens of Mighty Kombo Gunjur Who went and dismantledthat so-called illegal waste pipe connection into our ocean pumping combined untreated waste back into our sea. ,

Be aware that environmental issues have nothing to do with politics in as much as we love politics our environment matters first. Unhealthy environment is unhealthy population therefore our health matters first than politics”.

It could be recalled that Kebba K Barrow came under mounting criticism from constituents and others alike who criticized him for staying mute and not showing empathy with his constituents fighting against environmental pollution after he labelled them as “environmental saboteurs", vandals and “government saboteurs.”

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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